Mid-Century Footstool Workshop

Mid-Century Footstool Workshop

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There are few things as satisfying as being able to say “I made that”, especially when the thing that you’ve made is a beautifully upholstered piece of furniture... 

If you’ve ever wanted to try upholstery for yourself, our upholstery workshops might be just the thing for you. Whether you’re looking to start a new hobby, tackle a few projects at home or you simply want to make something super-stylish, our upholstery workshops are a great introduction to the craft.

With no experience of upholstery required, our project based workshops will guide you though every step of the process. We’ll teach you how to use the essential tools of the trade, introduce you to the common upholstery materials and equip you with the skills and knowledge to be able to make something that you’re going to want to show off!

Upholstery workshops are designed and led by modern upholsterer, Jon Sanderson. With a passion for modern and mid-century design, Jon’s workshops will show you just how a traditional craft can help you create something befitting any modern interior.

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