Upholstery Commissions

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There’s something very exciting about bringing an old chair back to life. From picking fabric right through to that final “ta-da!” moment

At The Finishing Room we'd love to help you to reimagine your favourite chair, ottoman, bench or even window seat. We’ve worked with scores of people on anything from scatter cushions and simple dining chairs to larger, iconic ‘design classics’ and family heirlooms. We know that for many people, having a chair re-covered is a bit of a mystery, so how does it work? 



Step 1
Come and have a chat

This is the best place to start. Upholsterer, Jon Sanderson is AMUSF (Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers) Diploma qualified and will be happy to chat through your ideas with you without any obligation. He can give you an idea of what’s involved with your project and give you an idea of what it might cost to do. 

It’s always best to see the item ‘in the flesh’ as this can help to give a more accurate quote, but this might be something we arrange at a later date.

We’re a bit addicted to lovely fabrics, so that’s why we work with some of the best upholstery fabric brands around including Kirkby Design, Romo, Villa Nova and Flock. You’ll find plenty of fabric books to inspire you in our shop.

Step 2
Book it in

Ok, so you’ve decided to give your chair the new look it rightly deserves, so what now? Just let us know that you want to go ahead and we’ll book it in. Lead times for our upholstery service can vary, but we’ll give you an idea of this when you first contact us. 

Step 3
Upholstery time!


Once your chair is in the workshop Jon will strip off the old upholstery and get to grips with what’s underneath. He’ll check the frame and make sure it’s sturdy, making any minor repairs before applying the new fillings and fabric. He'll even keep you updated with photos of your chair as he progresses so that you can see the process.


Step 4
The big reveal

We’ll let you know as soon as your chair is ready so that you can get it home and admire it! 

Case Studies

The Peter Hoyte Chair

When my customer saw the sinuous curves of this Peter Hoyte armchair, he knew it was the perfect mid-century statement piece he’d been looking for. With the original cream vinyl now looking a little sad, Kirkby Design wool was selected for the frame while another Kirkby Design fabric, ‘Puzzle’ gives a blast of pattern without distracting you from the beautiful shape of this chair. Two lines of lime stitching on the back of the chair pick out the lime dots on the seat fabric.

The Ernest Race DA1

Something of a heavyweight in design terms, this armchair by iconic designer, Ernest Race, dates from the 1950’s. With materials in short supply following the war, the frame of this chair was made entirely from thin steel rods to give maximum strength without using a great deal of material. 

This particular example came to The Finishing Room for a full rebuild and removal of the 1980’s makeover revealed the original 1950’s upholstery beneath! With the bare frame revealed, the chair was rebuilt following the original process of hand-sewing everything to the steel frame. A big job, but well worth it. Once again, Kirkby Design wool was the perfect choice as it possesses the right amount of stretch for those lovely soft curves.  

The Salvaged Benchairs

I don’t know about you, but I never seem to be in ‘the right place at the right time’, but this customer certainly was! A trip to the local tip saw him coming home with 8 of these mid-century chairs made by Benchairs of Stowe. Thought to have come from a clubhouse, my customer loved the colour of the original vinyl and their worn appearance. That said, with a couple of split seats and all of the chairs collapsing underneath, some work was required!

We were able to clean the frames (they came up a treat), carefully remove the vinyl, fix the sagging seats and put the original vinyl back on. Where the seats were too far gone, we made new bases and replaced the vinyl with a Kirkby Design pattern taken from the London Underground archive.


Re-Upholstery FAQ’s

Is the quoted price guaranteed?

We will always endeavour to work to the quoted price for your job where we’ve been able to assess the chair fully as part of the quotation process. We’re able to do this in the majority of cases. Occasionally, a chair might reveal the odd surprise when we strip it down. If we found that a chair required more work than we had initially thought, we would always speak with you before we proceed. 


Will you collect and deliver my chair?

If your chair is too big for your car, we’ll be happy to help. A delivery and collection fee may apply.

Do I have to buy my fabric from you?

No, we’ll be happy to work with your fabric providing it meets the required fire regulations for furniture (and we’ll be happy to advise you on this). We do reserve the right to refuse to work with any fabric that cannot be proven to meet these standards.   


Will you re-cover my sofa?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to work with really large items of furniture like sofas and suites as The Finishing Room has restricted access. We do however have connections with other upholsterers who can help you with your sofa. Where sofas consist of a wooden frame with separate cushions (like a traditional Ercol or Danish style settee) we can work with the cushions without requiring the frame. If in doubt, get in touch!